Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Swimming Sports by Derek


On first the March, Friday it was Middle School swimming Sport. All the Middle school students came and lots of parents came to watch us swim. It was at Sunny hills Schools pool and I was feeling excited. Then, we lined up and walked towards the swimming pool gate. Before morning tea we got changed into our swimming togs. After that we sat in team lines behind the pool. It was all the year three and year four students. I was excited and nervous. Afterwards parents came and sat down on the benches. Our teams were A B C D or E. First we did freestyle. I felt nervous, because my Mum came to watch me. Next it was my rows turn to swim. We did freestyle, backstroke and duck dives. When it was finished we got and changed and then went to lunch. It was my best day ever and I wish it was every day.
By Derek

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