Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Botanic Gardens By Franklin

Botanic Gardens Trip
Yesterday, on a hot sunny day our class went to the Botanic Gardens. When we got there we met Debbie. She told us to put our bags on the deck then we had morning tea. After morning tea we got split up into groups A and B. I was in group A, we all went with Debbie into a classroom. When we came in we sat down on the mat in a circle. Next she split us up in groups of 4. She handed us a muddled up plant life cycle and we had to put it in the right order. Every group except for one got it right. Afterwards we got given a tray of flowers and magnifying lens. Debbie let us look at the flowers closely. She taught us that some flowers can have lots of little ones inside, they are called composite flowers. Then Sammy, Jeffrey, Blake and Georgia dressed up as flowers. The rest of us put bees and butterfly finger puppets on our fingers. We went to one of the flowers and took off a piece of pollen and put it on another flower (or a student dressed up). Then we had lunch. After lunch we planted Calendula seeds. Then we walked around the gardens and completed the worksheet all ready for us on the clipboard. We went to a little herb garden where we got most of the answers for the questions.  Then I saw a plant that looked interesting so I called the other children Isabelle, Sanne and Phoebe. They brushed against the leaves softly, it gave them a sharp pain. Next to it was a plant that had a sign above, ’’If you get the pain rub this plant on your hands. ’’It looked good to use but you had to wait a while before the pain went away. After a while Mrs Smaill decided for us to have a rest and a drink of water at the Potters Children’s Garden. The water sink was crowded with children pushing, shoving and drinking. Then we went to the pond where we saw three green clay frogs. We played there for quite a while. Then we went back to the bus. We hopped up on the bus and we drove off back to school. My favourite part of the trip was looking at the flowers through the magnifying lens. I felt glad after we finished our trip.                                                   By Franklin

Botanic Gardens By Phoebe

Botanic Gardens
Yesterday rooms 16 and 17 went to the Botanic Gardens. First we went to school and packed our lunches and clipboards. Then the bus arrived, so we went on the bus. It was noisy inside because everyone was very excited. When we got there we lined up in our rooms and we walked to the place where we were going to eat morning tea and lunch. We saw Debbie there. Debbie told us the rules. Next we ate morning tea. When we finished, we looked at the plants. We did not touch.  We went with the parents so we wouldn’t get lost. Next we planted a seed. Afterwards we ate our lunch. Finally we could go outside and see lots of plants. We had a worksheet on our clipboard. We looked at lots of plants. After that we went to the bus and went to school. I had a great time at the Botanic Gardens!
By Phoebe

Swimming Sports by Derek


On first the March, Friday it was Middle School swimming Sport. All the Middle school students came and lots of parents came to watch us swim. It was at Sunny hills Schools pool and I was feeling excited. Then, we lined up and walked towards the swimming pool gate. Before morning tea we got changed into our swimming togs. After that we sat in team lines behind the pool. It was all the year three and year four students. I was excited and nervous. Afterwards parents came and sat down on the benches. Our teams were A B C D or E. First we did freestyle. I felt nervous, because my Mum came to watch me. Next it was my rows turn to swim. We did freestyle, backstroke and duck dives. When it was finished we got and changed and then went to lunch. It was my best day ever and I wish it was every day.
By Derek

Hill Road Gardens By Isaac

Hill Road Gardens
Yesterday Rooms 17 and 16 went on a bus to the Botanic Gardens because our topic is Flower Power. First we got what we needed like a clipboard and two pencils. Then we went outside and lined up in two equal lines because it was time to on the bus. It was very exciting! We were on the bus driving towards Highbrook Drive. We then went down Highbrook Drive where Isabelle and I spotted some awesome buildings, like the Westpac Building. Then we went onto the motorway and exited at Hill Road, from there we went into the Visitors Centre and ate our Morning tea. Then we went to our classroom activities. First we did a life cycle of a plant. It was fun doing the life cycle because it went from a seed to a seed pod and then it started all over again. Then we looked at the parts of a plant. We could see the stigma and pollen. We also got to taste the nectar. The nectar tasted like sugar. After that we sat in a circle, whoever wanted to be a flower got dressed up as a flower.  Derek, Mikala, Winnie and I were flowers. Next we went into a shed where we planted our own Calendula. After that we had lunch. Next we visited the Herb Garden. When we were there we looked around and found lots of things that we needed to learn about on our worksheet. Then we went to the Potter’s Children Garden. After that we went back to school the same way we came. I liked going to the Botanic Gardens because I learnt lots that I didn’t know.

By Isaac

Swimming Sports by Eason

Middle School Swimming Sports
On Friday the 1st March it was the Middle School Swimming Sports for all the year three and year four students. The parents and teachers were at the middle School swimming sports too. First middle school went into teams then we went in the pool area. A group went first. Mr. Watman clapped the blocks, it was loud.
The first group did free style. Then the second group went in the pool. They did free style too.
Then we went in the pool and we pushed the ball, it was a bit easy. We also got house points.
By Eason

Middle School Swimming Sports by Winnie

Middle School Swimming SpoRts
On Friday 1st of March it was the Middle School Swimming Sports. I felt shy because there were parents and the whole Middle School at the Sunnyhills pool.
First we lined up in our teams. Then we walked to the pool. The A team swam in the pool first.  It was boring waiting for our turn.
Next it was the B team. When it was our turn I was excited. I did bubbles first, I like the bubbles. Next I did the balls. I had to push it with my nose and back. 
Then I had a flutter board to swim across the pool. After that I held the board up and walked out at the beach end.
I had a wonderful time at the Middle School Swimming Sports.
By Winnie

Botanic Gardens by Sophia

Botanic Gardens                              
On Tuesday Rooms 16 and 17 went on the bus to the Botanic Gardens. When we got there it was amazing, it looked better than I expected it to be. We got shown where the eating place was.
After that the lady called Debbie took our group to the classroom. My most favorite part in the classroom was tearing apart the flowers and putting them on the mat to look at. Then we put the broken flower onto the paper and labeled it.
Next we had lunch, in the same area as we had morning tea. When we went to see the other flowers it was getting hot. We had three worksheets clipped together on a clipboard. We saw lots of different and beautiful colourful flowers. One tree smelt like a lemon, the flowers on the lemon tree smelt the same.
Then we went back to the meeting area but the class wasn’t there because they were in a different classroom. We were sweaty and hot.           
It was a summery day to go to the Botanic Gardens. I was feeling great, because it was a beautiful day.

By Sophia