Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Botanic Gardens by Kaylum

Awesome Botanic Gardens

Yesterday we went to the Botanic Gardens on the bus; it was fun looking out the window. When we were there we learnt so much information about bees and flowers. We learnt that bees and butterflies drink nectar from the flowers. There was a classroom for us to work in. We planted some seeds and stuck petals and the sticky stigma onto a piece of paper. We even tasted the sticky stigma, it was kind of sour. Some people even dressed in flower costumes the other people had butterflies on their fingers. We learnt that bees get nectar on their faces! We saw different coloured flowers that were on the worksheet that we had. We also saw different shaped plants.  I even went to the park to cool off. There was even a tunnel, it was an amazing tunnel. It was a super trip too!

By Kaylum

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