Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Botanic Gardens by Sophia

Botanic Gardens                              
On Tuesday Rooms 16 and 17 went on the bus to the Botanic Gardens. When we got there it was amazing, it looked better than I expected it to be. We got shown where the eating place was.
After that the lady called Debbie took our group to the classroom. My most favorite part in the classroom was tearing apart the flowers and putting them on the mat to look at. Then we put the broken flower onto the paper and labeled it.
Next we had lunch, in the same area as we had morning tea. When we went to see the other flowers it was getting hot. We had three worksheets clipped together on a clipboard. We saw lots of different and beautiful colourful flowers. One tree smelt like a lemon, the flowers on the lemon tree smelt the same.
Then we went back to the meeting area but the class wasn’t there because they were in a different classroom. We were sweaty and hot.           
It was a summery day to go to the Botanic Gardens. I was feeling great, because it was a beautiful day.

By Sophia

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  1. your writing is so awesome is cool
    from Xanthe