Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Botanic Gardens by Georgia

Our Awesome Trip to the Botanic Gardens

On Tuesday the 26th March it was so exciting because we were all going to go on a class trip to the Botanic Gardens travelling on a bus. I was excited. When I got there Debby explained the rules to us.  After that we had our morning tea. Then we had to follow Debby in to the class room where we did a life cycle of a flower. Next we looked closely at the flowers. Then we dressed up as flowers and I was one. After that we went outside to plant some flowers. Finally, we had some yummy lunch. Next we saw all sorts of flowers and plants while walking around the gardens. There were bees, wasps, butterflies and lots of different types of insects. It was lots of fun and really exciting.  I had a wonderful time there, it was brilliant. In the end we needed to hop on the bus again to come back to school.

By Georgia

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