Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Botanic Gardens By Phoebe

Botanic Gardens
Yesterday rooms 16 and 17 went to the Botanic Gardens. First we went to school and packed our lunches and clipboards. Then the bus arrived, so we went on the bus. It was noisy inside because everyone was very excited. When we got there we lined up in our rooms and we walked to the place where we were going to eat morning tea and lunch. We saw Debbie there. Debbie told us the rules. Next we ate morning tea. When we finished, we looked at the plants. We did not touch.  We went with the parents so we wouldn’t get lost. Next we planted a seed. Afterwards we ate our lunch. Finally we could go outside and see lots of plants. We had a worksheet on our clipboard. We looked at lots of plants. After that we went to the bus and went to school. I had a great time at the Botanic Gardens!
By Phoebe

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