Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hill Road Gardens By Isaac

Hill Road Gardens
Yesterday Rooms 17 and 16 went on a bus to the Botanic Gardens because our topic is Flower Power. First we got what we needed like a clipboard and two pencils. Then we went outside and lined up in two equal lines because it was time to on the bus. It was very exciting! We were on the bus driving towards Highbrook Drive. We then went down Highbrook Drive where Isabelle and I spotted some awesome buildings, like the Westpac Building. Then we went onto the motorway and exited at Hill Road, from there we went into the Visitors Centre and ate our Morning tea. Then we went to our classroom activities. First we did a life cycle of a plant. It was fun doing the life cycle because it went from a seed to a seed pod and then it started all over again. Then we looked at the parts of a plant. We could see the stigma and pollen. We also got to taste the nectar. The nectar tasted like sugar. After that we sat in a circle, whoever wanted to be a flower got dressed up as a flower.  Derek, Mikala, Winnie and I were flowers. Next we went into a shed where we planted our own Calendula. After that we had lunch. Next we visited the Herb Garden. When we were there we looked around and found lots of things that we needed to learn about on our worksheet. Then we went to the Potter’s Children Garden. After that we went back to school the same way we came. I liked going to the Botanic Gardens because I learnt lots that I didn’t know.

By Isaac

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