Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Our Awesome Trip by Teresa

Our Awesome Trip
On Tuesday, I was really excited because my class was going on a trip. We were going to the Botanic gardens. First we got on the bus. Once we got on everyone started to get very loud. When we got there we lined up in two lines, then we went into a room  full of tables and chairs and we had morning tea. Our teacher Debbie led us into a room where we got into groups then we made a puzzle lifecycle. My favourite part was when Sammie and some other children dressed up as flowers and put on gloves with some pretend pollen and nectar. We had to put on some bee and butterfly finger puppets and take one pollen or nectar out and put it on another flower head. After that we planted some flowers in a cup. Then we went on a walk around the gardens. We stopped by a little bridge. When we looked down at the river I saw hundreds of tadpoles. After we finished looking at the tadpoles we went to the Children’s Potters Garden. In the Children’s Potters Garden there was a maze. At the end of the maze there was a tunnel. After we went through the tunnel we were back at the beginning again. Then we went to a bog with a bridge over it so we went on the bridge. On the way we saw a Venus flytrap. We also noticed that the bridge was wobbly and there were lots of monarch butterflies. After the big walk we went back to the room where we had morning tea and we had lunch. I had a great time at the Botanical Gardens.                       From Teresa

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  1. HI Teresa it is Xanthe i love your story.